Pet Hemp Oil - 400 mg CBD - Paw Puddy

Our Paw Puddy brand of Cannabidiol that is made for pets can be used to greatly improve the health of your pet in many cases.

CBD has been known to help pets with anxiety, that are in pain or have some type of stomach ailment.

With our Paw Puddy Hemp oil CBD, your pet will be loving you.

CBD and Hemp have been known to better the quality of a pet’s life all around. 

This product is in a one-ounce bottle dropper with 400 mg of CBD made from cold-pressed Full Spectrum Hemp oil.

Use topically, sublingually, or on food.

Our process is completely organic and purely natural.

Pet Hemp Oil with 400 mg CBD by Paw Puddy


Pet Hemp Oil - 400 mg CBD - Paw Puddy


Pet Hemp Oil – 400 mg CBD – Paw Puddy

Ingredients: Full-spectrum cold-pressed Hemp oil.

This product is not approved by the FDA.

This product is not meant to diagnose or prevent any disease.

If you need medical attention please seek a doctor right away.

This product is not made from Cannabis Marijuana.

Dogs love our Hemp Pet Tincture in Bacon Flavor!

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