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CBD Dog Treats – Delicious Treats For Large Dogs, Made With Hemp CBD Oil | Hempful Farms

CBD Dog Treats – Delicious Treats For Large Dogs, Made With Hemp CBD Oil

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homemade dog treats made in arizona

CBD Dog Treats Made Specially for Larger Dogs

Your canine friend will love these homemade 100% organic CBD dog treats from Arizona. They are especially helpful to older dogs in maintaining their heart and joint health and their coat.

Our CBD treats for dogs are grain free and made with our own special recipe. Does your dog have a dog allergy? These specially formulated treats might just help, so try a bag today.

Lovingly Homemade Dog Treats Made in Arizona

We make all of our dog treats right here in Arizona, all of them homemade at our Bell Road facility from the very special recipe developed by our owner, Chris Martin.

Each bag comes in a 12-count, 33mg Full Spectrum Hemp treats for dogs made with all organic ingredients.

This product is not approved by the FDA and is not meant to diagnose or prevent any disease.

Please refrigerate after opening.

We also have Hemp Dog Treats Minis for smaller dogs.

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CBD Calming Dog Treats lovingly made with our own seed to store farmed Hemp CBD

Dogs love the flavor of our specially formulated CBD dog treats!

Our hemp dog treats are a completely natural way to calm your dogs or puppy from anxiety or help the little guys with their stomach problems.

There are many benefits to having the CBD in your dog’s diet. For one it keeps them healthy and focused.

Your dogs will love the taste of apple sauce, honey, and Hemp flower.

All-natural and only organic with these Paw Puddy pet treats created by Hempful Farms.

They come as a 12-count, 33mg Full Spectrum Hemp Oil dog treat.

If your pet needs medical attention please seek a veterinarian right away.

Ingredients: Oatmeal, applesauce, honey, hemp flower, hemp oil, CBD. They are packaged to be refrigerated after opening.

This product is not made from Marijuana and contains no THC.


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16 reviews for CBD Dog Treats – Delicious Treats For Large Dogs, Made With Hemp CBD Oil

  1. BRIANNA BANKS (verified owner)

    These help my anxious dog relax and helped with 4th of july. They all seem to really enjoy the treats.

  2. gchomas (verified owner)

    I have given these treats to my dogs for almost a year now and they love them. It’s especially helpful for my older dog as he has started to show signs of arthritis.

  3. karlawalters623 (verified owner)

    I have a 9 year English Mastiff and these have been a game changer. And she loves them so it makes it easy to get her the CBD she so need. Thank you for an amazing product.

  4. bartlett307

    My dogs love these treats they hear the package and come running to the kitchen

  5. Adrian Sanchez (verified owner)

    I’ve got an English bulldog with extremely sensitive skin and he absolutely loves these. Do him great for his skin.

  6. Kristii

    We have used these during monsoon season as an alternative to the oil and a special treat for our boys. They love them and will be buying them again this year.

  7. Kristie Leviticus (verified owner)

    I have a 14 year old dog that was had knee surgery. He was limping around and we wanted to try something new. This product has brought him back to life and it’s back to his hyper self!

  8. r.andrew.escandon (verified owner)

    I have 3 different breeds of dogs and all 3 of them LOVE these. My 2 older dogs definitely benefit from these treats, especially my black lab. She’s a bit on the heavier side in her older age and these noticably help her trek longer on hikes and walks everyday to help lose weight and get exercise. Thanks HF!

  9. julieb3an

    My pets love the paw puddy treats. I notice they are more relaxed and less anxious. These are a good buy.

  10. jimsrobin (verified owner)

    I have a large dog that is 5 and has severe issues with arthritis due to skeletal problems since a pup, and a medium sized dog with arthritis due to age, paw buddy cookies have made such a major difference in their mobility and activity levels, it’s just amazing!

  11. christinetkimball (verified owner)

    I have been purchasing large and small CBD treats for my bulldogs for over 2 years. They help immensely with different issues. Anxiety, sleep, joint issues – overall comfort. Highly recommend!

  12. Linsey Silva (verified owner)

    My boy loves these treats! They smell great and are human quality. My dog is almost 10 years old and was born completely deaf; he is pretty active still too. The CBD treats help his every day aches as well as any anxiety. I love these treats and the customer service at hempful farms is absolutely incredible

  13. Chad Ray (verified owner)

    These are very high quality all natural treats. They are strong, so start your dog with 1/2 treat. We use these in addition to the cbd oil for our dog with hip dysplasia. We give her one of these treats if she has a bad flare up and it alleviates all symptoms. She also is more active and smiles more. Will continue to buy.

  14. Kristi Haynes (verified owner)

    These Treats are the BEST !!! Our Black lab is scared of… Everything. She has a Thunder Coat but after getting these treats she no longer wants her coat on as she is so chill and brave. Recent storms in AZ has caused us to need to order more but once she has her treat she can relax with a deep sigh and rest. It takes the anxiety away 4 sure.

  15. thordove

    My dog loves these treats she will wake up in the morning and ask for them with a stern look. she is a 10-year-old BerneseMountain dog with hip pain I have tried the doctor recommended aspirin and it doesn’t do anything compared to these great treats!

  16. fjrocktoy (verified owner)

    My dogs LOVE these treats. And I love the simple and quality ingredients!

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